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Coffee Grind Options

While we recommend grinding your coffee using a home grinder, we offer numerous grind settings for customers who would like us to grind their coffee before shipping. Our standard options for grinding span from 2 to 5 in half-point intervals, though we offer all grind settings upon request. The following is a list of the more common methods of coffee preparation and their corresponding grind settings.

Coffee Grind Options
Coffee Maker Grind Level Quality
Turkish (Ibrik) 1 (Finest)
Home Electric Espresso 2  
Drip Coffee – Cone Filter 2.5  
Gold Filter – Cone 2.5  
Melitta Drip 2.5  
Stovetop Espresso (Moka Pot) 2.5  
Vacuum Maker 2.5  
Chemex 3 (Medium)
Drip Coffee – Flat Bottom 3  
Cajun Drip 3.5  
French Press Maker 3.5  
Percolator 4.5  
Cold Drip (Toddy Maker) 5 (Coarse)

Some General Guidelines on Choosing a Grind Level
Try to match the grind of your coffee to your method of coffee preparation. Grind your coffee as fine as you can without clogging the holes of your coffee maker or filter. The finer the grind is, the more surface area of the coffee is exposed to water, leading to greater flavor extraction. Be careful not to use coffee ground too fine in your French Press Maker because the grounds could slip past the screens and end up in your cup. Coffee ground too coarse, on the other hand, will lead to under-extraction of flavor. Consult the grind recommendations of the manufacturer of your coffee maker for a good starting point on the proper grind level for your coffee. Experiment after that.

Special Grind Requests
If you would like to request a grind other than the standard options offered during the ordering process, simply select "Whole Bean" as your grinding options choice for the coffee and tell us in the special instructions section of the Purchase screen which grind you would like for each coffee you order. We will be happy to grind each of your selected coffees to your specifications.

Contact Us
For questions or comments about grinding, please send an email to You may also contact us using the following information:

Highland Coffees
3350 Highland Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70802
(225) 336-9773

Last Updated: June 11, 2021

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